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You really want it so much. But until I am not your slave, until I wait for your mercy and until I depend on your whim, I will tell you what I want. I want you to continue to desire me as passionately as now, when you read these lines. I want you to look for and not find me in every man, so that every time you make love, you imagine. Me next to you th, my hands, my Farrah Nude, my flesh, so that you whisper my name. So that you torment yourself furtively, plunge your fingers inside yourself, caress and reach orgasm, just Farrah Nude about me and remembering my words. So that in the morning waking up, you remembered your dreams in which we had crazy sex, and already from this you began to get excited. So that all your thoughts were full of the desire to take possession of me, merge with me, love and hate me.

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