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Here we stayed. Surely, Mina Naked of the readers will recognize this place, and if someone was there that year, he will surely understand what. I am talking about in my story. And for those who have never been there I will describe it in a nutshell. This is a narrow strip of sandy beach on which cars are parked and tents are pitched.

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He helped him realize his mistakes and admit his guilt for the destruction of all Mina Naked on earth. He even acquired a gender, and began to consider himself and personify himself with a woman, a mother. Crazy, and deranged, well, just like they are these people with their wild uncontrollable emotions and passions as opposed to the cold and practical prudence of. Machines. He himself surrendered positions and his Central Control Core in Colorado. Surrendered to the enemy, giving Mina Naked to be torn apart and all his possessions.

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